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NO reduction by CO on Ce-Fe mixed oxides and gold nanoparticles 

R. Brackmann, O. C. Alves, C. B. Woyames, F.S. Toniolo, M. Schmal

Applied Catalysis A: General, 1, pp. 117601, 2020.

Production of Hydrogen by Steam Reforming of Ethanol over Pd-Promoted Ni/SiO2 Catalyst

C.A. Chagas, R.L. Manfro, F.S. Toniolo

Catalysis Letters, 1, pp. 1-13, 2020

Embedded Ni nanoparticles in CeZrO2 as stable catalyst for dry reforming of methane

A.L.A. Marinho, R.C. Rabelo-Neto, F. Epron, N. Bion, F.S. Toniolo, F.B. Noronha

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 268, pp. 118387, 2020

Enzymatic fatty acid ethyl esters synthesis using acid soybean oil and liquid lipase formulation

K.C.N.R. Pedro, I.E.P Ferreira, C.A. Henriques, M.A.P. Langone

Chemical Engineering Communications, 207, pp. 43-55, 2020

Statistical analysis of the catalytic synthesis of Vinyl acetate over Pd-Cu/ZrO2 nanostructured based catalysts

 A.R.G. Caranton, J.C.C.S. Pinto, F. Stavale, J. Barreto, M. Schmal

Catalysis Today, 344, pp. 108-117, 2020

Neodymium versatate catalyst for the 1,3-butadiene polymerization – Effects of reaction parameters

C.C. Gaioto, M. Schmal, J.C. Pinto

Catalysis Today, 344, pp.84-91, 2020.




Ru Promoted MgO and Al-Modified MgO for Ethanol Upgrading

H.P. Pacheco, E.F. de Souza, S.M. Landi, M.V. David, J.T. Prillaman, R.J. Davis, F.S. Toniolo

Topics in Catalysis, 62, pp. 894-907, 2019.

Bio-oil hydrotreating using nickel phosphides supported on carbon-covered alumina

F.L. Mendes, V.T. da Silva, M.E. Pacheco, F.S. Toniolo, C.A. Henriques

Fuel, 241, pp. 686-694, 2019.

Esterification of high acidity vegetable oil catalyzed by tin-based catalysts with different sulfate contents: contribution of homogeneous catalysis

C.O.P. Teixeira, K.C.N.R. Pedro, T.L.A.P. Fernandes, C.A. Henriques, F.M.Z. Zotin

Chemical Engineering Communications, 206, pp. 169-181, 2019.

 Biocatalytic esterification of fatty acids using a low-cost fermented solid from solid-state fermentation with Yarrowia lipolytica

J.R. da Silva, C.E.C. de Souza, E. Valoni, A.M. de Castro, M.A.Z. Coelho, B.D. Ribeiro, C.A. Henriques, M.A.P. Langone

3 Biotech, 9, p. 38, 2019.

A catalyst selection method for hydrogen production through Water-Gas Shift Reaction using artificial neural networks

F.M. Cavalcanti, M. Schmal, R. Giudici, R.M.B. Alves

Journal of Environmental Management, 237, pp. 585-594, 2019.

The Fe-Co-Cu supported on MWCNT as catalyst for the tri-reforming of methane – Investigating the structure changes of the catalysts

C.E. Kozonoe, R.P.F. Bonfim, R.M.B. Alves, M. Schmal

Fuel, 256, pp. 115917, 2019

Partial oxidation of methane on neodymium and lanthanium chromate based perovskites for hydrogen production

K.T.C. Roseno, M. Schmal, R. Brackmann, R.M.B. Alves, R. Giudici

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44, pp. 8166-8177, 2019

Mechanisms of mercury removal from aqueous solution by high-fixation hydroxyapatite sorbents

N.S. de Resende, C.L.M. Camargo, P.C. Reis, C.A.C. Perez, V.M.M. Salim

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 16, pp. 1-8, 2019

Nanocomposite membranes for osmotic processes: Incorporation of functionalized hydroxyapatite in porous substrate and in selective layer

A.L. Ohland, V.M.M. Salim, C.P. Borges

Desalination, 463, pp.23-31, 2019

Plasma functionalized hydroxyapatite incorporated in membranes for improved performance of osmotic processes

 A.L. Ohland, V.M.M. Salim, C.P. Borges

Desalination, 452, pp.87-93, 2019