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Publicações 2012

Nanostructured supported palladium catalysts — Non-oxidative methane coupling

Silvia F. Moya, Ruth L. Martins, Antje Ota, Edward L. Kunkes, Malte Behrens, Martin Schmal

Applied Catalysis A, v. 411-412, p. 105-113, 2012


 Structural investigation of LaCoO3 and LaCoCuO3 perovskite-type oxides and the effect of Cu on coke deposition in the partial oxidation of methane

Fabio Souza Toniolo, Robert Newton S. H. Magalhães, Carlos André C. Perez, Martin Schmal

Applied Catalysis B, v. 117-118, p. 156-166, 2012


 Alumina-supported LaCoO3 perovskite for selective CO oxidation (SELOX)

Carlos Alberto Chagas, Fabio Souza Toniolo, Robert Newton S. H. Magalhães, Martin Schmal

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, v. 37, p. 5022-5031, 2012


 Investigation of the stability of CeO2, V2O5 and CeV mixed oxide on the partial oxidation of propane

Carlos Alberto Chagas, Lidia Chaloub Dieguez, Martin Schmal

Catalysis Letters, v. 142, p. 753-762, 2012


 Levulinic acid esterification with ethanol to ethyl levulinate production over solid acid catalysts

D. R. Fernandes, A. S. Rocha, E. F. Mai, C. J. A. Mota, V. Teixeira da Silva

Applied Catalysis A, v. 425, p. 199-204, 2012


 Synthesis of niobium carbonitride by thermal decomposition of guanidine oxaloniobate and its application to the hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene

Carlos Alberto Chagas, Rene Pfeifer, Alexandre B. Rocha, Victor Teixeira da Silva

Topics in Catalysis, v. 55, p. 910-921, 2012


 Hydrotreatment of sunflower oil using supported molybdenum carbide

L. A. Sousa, J. L. Zotin, V. Teixeira da Silva

Applied Catalysis A, v. 449, p. 105-111, 2012